What is Gratitude and Why is it Important?

If you want a better life then it’s important to be grateful for the one you have right now.  Being grateful is an attitude and when you have that attitude of gratitude you see abundance everywhere. You’re grateful for everything in your life. Grateful to get up each day and see the sunshine and feel the breeze in your hair. If you can find these little things to be grateful for your life will become so much more abundant in every way. 

Think about what you can be grateful for today and every day. Do you live in an atmosphere of negativity or do you count your blessings each day?

Studies have shown that people who are happy and grateful for what they have live longer, healthier lives than those who dwell on what they don’t have. You can be a glass half full person and it will show in every aspect of your life.

People notice the person who always has a smile and is always thinking about others. We’ve all known someone who is constantly dwelling on the negative and bringing everyone else down with them. On the other hand when you meet someone who is bright and cheery you can’t help but be uplifted by that person. It’s contagious as well, when you’re with someone who sees the world as a wonderful place it rubs off on you.

Grateful people have less stress and lower levels of depression. They see the world differently. They know that there are so many things to be grateful for each and every day. They’re more likely to exercise and eat healthier. Their level of energy is higher and their confidence soars.

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