10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Nerd

If you haven’t discovered the fabulous qualities of nerds you are seriously missing out.  If you’ve spent your time looking for the jocks or the hot guys you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Let me tell you why you need to re-evaluate your choices and start looking for the “Right” type of guys, the ones that will change your way of thinking about your future and what you want in a man. I know this because I spent many unhappy years chasing the hot guys and the “bad boys” and it wasn’t until I finally stopped doing that and married a nerd that I finally realized that was the key to happiness. My nerd is my Hero, my Prince and I couldn’t be happier. But I wouldn’t have believed that until I learned it the hard way. There are many, many reasons, why marrying a nerd is the perfect way to a happy future, but here are just a few for you to ponder:

  1. Nerds are more interested in you than they are in themselves. They haven’t spent their whole life looking at their reflection and taking selfies.
  2. Nerds usually have great jobs. They haven’t been chasing women and have most likely been concentrating on establishing their careers. This will pay off later.
  3. Nerds know how to plan for the future and probably already have made arrangements for their financial future and their potential future family.
  4. Nerds make great Dads. They are great family men and again, they plan for their family’s financial future.
  5. Nerds didn’t have a lot of women chasing after them and don’t need constant reassurance so will probably never cheat on you.
  6. Nerds most likely didn’t have a lot of girlfriends when they were younger so they are grateful for you and show it.
  7. Nerds are smart and interesting. They read books. REAL books, not just the sports page. And isn’t the brain the sexiest organ? They will challenge you intellectually and make you want to up your brain game.
  8. Nerds are genuine. They don’t play games with you. They respect you. They would never think to do that. They just want to love you.
  9. Nerds try harder. They don’t worry about how you’ll please them. They just want to please YOU!
  10. You will never have to worry about how he feels about you. Your nerd will always tell you and show you how he feels, because you’ll be the most important thing in his life.


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