9 Ways You Can Learn to Be Accountable

Certified Happiness Coach

How can you learn accountability? Accountability is all about personal responsibility. You have to decide what’s important to you and how bad you want it and then make it a priority in your life. If you really want it you’ll do whatever is necessary to make it work for you.

Discipline is a vital component to accountability and sometimes it’s a very difficult thing to accomplish. It’s easy to push things off til tomorrow or make an excuse for not doing something right now or at all. We’ve all heard the excuses people make for why they can’t do something. Hell, we’ve made them ourselves. I know I have. I can’t exercise today because my back hurts or I’m tired or I’m too busy. And before you know it weeks have gone by. Does this sound familiar? Many times I’ve heard people blame others when they can’t control their own behavior. They say their husband or their co-workers sabotage them by bringing food into the home or the office that isn’t good for them and they think this isn’t fair. It makes them angry and I hear others agreeing with them and saying they should complain to the offender or maybe to HR at work and make the person stop doing that. But when you take responsibility for your own behavior and your own issues this isn’t a problem for you.

When the alcoholic stops drinking they don’t expect bars to shut down or for people to stop serving booze when they come over. Alcohol is their issue and it’s their responsibility to control their behavior. It’s not the responsibility of the rest of the world to adapt to their issues. The same goes for food or any other issues. This is a problem we have to deal with and the rest of the world will go on whether we like it or not. We can’t go around expecting everyone to change because of us. So when other people bring food around that we don’t like or doesn’t fit into our plan, we have to learn to deal with it. When I quit smoking many years ago I worked in a bar and everyone around me smoked. It was really difficult being around all those smokers and I wanted to smoke every day. But I really wanted to quit so I had to put on my blinders on and focus on me and what was good for me no matter what others were doing and I quit and never looked back.

So what if you feel weak and don’t know how to be accountable? Can you learn how? Yes you can. Hereare 9 ways you can learn how:

  1. Identify what you want to accomplish and create a plan to get there
  2. Think about why you want this goal and what you’re willing to do to accomplish it.
  3. Decide you’re worth it and mean it.
  4. Laser focus on your goal and resolve to do whatever it takes to get there no matter what.
  5. Refuse to make excuses when you fall short of the end goal.
  6. If you falter, get up and do it again.The goal is still there, maybe you just have to move the goalpost.
  7. Refuse to blame others for your own shortcomings. Take personal responsibility. This is YOUR journey. OWN IT!
  8. Whatever obstacle appears in your path, move past it, walk around it, climb over it or just crush it, but don’t ever let it defeat you from your end game.
  9. Ask yourself every day “How bad do you want this?” If the answer isn’t “Whatever it takes” then you didn’t want it bad enough. Remember you aren’t the only one who struggles with personal goals. We all have a hard time being tough with ourselves. Maybe you need to think about what a personal trainer would say to you. Would they baby you and give you a participation trophy? Would you even want a participation trophy? Or would you want to earn your trophy the old-fashioned way with hard work and discipline? Which one would bring more satisfaction? Only you can decide your own behavior, but nothing feels better than taking accountability and being responsible for yourself. Try it and you’ll never regret it. Your confidence will soar and every accomplishment will be ever so much sweeter. Good luck in your journeys and may you reach all your goals. It’s all up to you. Own it, you deserve it. You’re worth it!

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