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Life coaching is not the same as counseling or therapy. It is more of helping you or guiding you to self-discovery and as you work with the coach you’re able to better able to see the correct path for you.
Where therapy will mostly delve into past traumas coaching works in the present to help you see areas where you may be having difficulty moving forward and guiding you to make your best choices for a happier and more productive future outcome.

I am certified as a Life and Happiness Coach. I work with Individuals and I specialize in relationship coaching and working with couples. If you would like to book a session with me please check my pricing page for a package that works for you and then you can book and make your payment directly online. I take Paypal payments. My sessions are done through audio or video calls with Zoom, Skype or Viber whichever you choose. I can work with clients internationally. Viber is free if both parties have the app. Skype is free to both parties, unless they are in different countries then there are charges.

I’ve been writing articles and web content for years. Please check out the blog page as I add new content all the time.

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We’ll do audio sessions via Skype, Viber or Zoom. You’ll need to have these apps installed on your computer or phone. If you’re an international client you’ll need to have Viber installed to avoid long distance charges.

I'm ready to help you in your journey to live your best life. First 20 minute consultation is FREE. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Let's talk now.
Certified Life Coach
Patti Oar
Life & Happiness Coach

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Please contact me to schedule your initial consultation. It’s always free and we can get acquainted and find out what you want to accomplish with your coaching sessions.